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A TRIBUTE TO ARETHA FRANKLIN          Mosabacka Big Band and Friends  Caisa Helsinki 15+16.11.2019 

        I TOLD YOU SO                                Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist EMILIA

        I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER                   Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist EMILIA

        SEE SAW                                            Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist ANNA

        WHO NEEDS YOU? (Incomplete)      Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist ANASTASIA

        MOODY’S MOOD FOR LOVE             Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist ANASTASIA

        ROCK STEADY                                   Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist MICHAEL

        CHAIN OF FOOLS                              Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalists ELNA, REETTA, LINDA)


        I NEVER LOVED A MAN                      Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA

        UNTIL YOU COME BACK TO ME       Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA

        MUDDY WATER                                  Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA

        A CHANGE IS GONNA COME            Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist ELNA

        A ROSE IS STILL A ROSE                  Mosabacka Big Band.  NATHALY. CAMILO

        THINK                                                Mosabacka Big Band.  Vocalist BINA

        SISTERS....                                           Mosabacka Big Band and the entire cast



STEPPIN' OUT                                         Mosabacka Big Band

DROP ME OFF IN HARLEM                      Mosabacka Big Band  

ROCKIN' 'N' REELIN'                               MBB with saxophone soloist PENTTI LAHTI

DIANA                                                     Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist LASSE LIEMOLA 

LINDY HOPPERS' DELIGHT                      Mosabacka Big Band with THE COMETS 

LIVING DOLL                                           Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist LASSE LIEMOLA

THREE BUCKETS JIVE                              Live from The Astoria Helsinki

FOR DANCERS ONLY                               Mosabacka Big Band with THE COMETS

NIGHT TRAIN                                          MBB with saxophone soloist PENTTI LAHTI

ANNA POIS                                              Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist LASSE LIEMOLA 

WRAP IT UP                                             MBB with saxophone soloist PENTTI LAHTI

I WON'T DANCE                                      Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA BOUCHT

OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY                   Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA BOUCHT

SATIN DOLL                                            Mosabacka Big Band 

BEWITCHED                                            Mosabacka Big Band. Vocalist IDA BOUCHT

I LOVE BEING HERE WITH YOU                Mosabacka Big Band featuring THE DIZZY QUEENS

SUMP'N 'BOUT RHYTHYM                        Mosabacka Big Band "The Cotton Club"  (Vintage Ellington)